If you know me
You know my story

Business Is Like Being In An Abusive Relationship With Yourself, Till You Find The Things That Really Make You Happy.​

Business can change your psychology and perception of life; that’s why I’m writing this on a Sunday noon (not drunk), watching yet another knowledge-based YouTube video and working. I honestly feel some days I’m in an abusive relationship with myself, testing my nerves and striving to learn more, knowing the goals I’ve set out are not only for my family and me but to change a small part of this world. Seriously some days, I feel like the world is falling apart around me, and I’m here to make some difference in either a creative or advisory way. Sounds crazy, but if you haven’t been close to me, then you wouldn’t even think I was fighting depression last year, not because I was unhappy with life, but trying to find purpose in what I do.

I’ve had so many people come and go, asking me why I work as I do, the weird hours I invest into myself, telling me to relax more. Well, the fact of the matter is I’d rather spend my hours learning, creating, adapting and progressing now than regret not doing it later on in life. You understand that my teachers and ex-peers only expected me to go so far and be part of normal society. Imagine spending your life in comfort; it gives me shivers down my spine when I think about this as 99% of the world live for comfort.

Would you want to ‘retire’ knowing all you did was give 30+ years to a company that would easily replace you if you died? You understand that TV and partying are a way to dumb you down and that you are worth so much more to this world? What if you spent 365 days doing an extra 1%, whether reading a book, learning a skill or even eating/drinking better? Where would you be in a year time?

You can implement tools and strategies in life that are so easy to do, though if you were awake, you’d understand what I mean. If not, then sorry to say this, start now or regret it later on in life. I most definitely can say I am not the perfect example of this, but I can honestly say the habit-building I’ve implemented has changed the way I see life. It has taken many years of stress, tears, hard times and other emotions to get to this point, and I know that it will not stop.

This write up comes after I got off the phone with a close friend, who I talk to daily about life, business and the world. We’ve come to realise our journey and what our mission in business life is, that one day you, the world, will get to hear it. But, I can tell you that they won’t accept it if you think your closest will support you. So come to terms that the journey in business is a very different world, and not everyone will understand your life missions.

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