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I questioned my creativity..

Over the past 2 years i’ve questioned my creativity and purpose of my work, though everything looked great on the outside, within myself I wasn’t happy.

I’m a Uni drop out and education I felt would only get me so far, thus I started a small business in my room that enabled me to access my mind like I would of thought, yet I questioned it.

Between 2017 to the end of 2019, my mind hit road blocks at times as I kept questioning if I was worthy as a creative. This was mainly due to my mind not able to handle some critics and it had a massive affect on me. I went cold turkey and was only able to be creative in certain circumstances.

Roll on to the end of 2019 and I slowly started to find my feet, get my portfolio together and start to realise the journey was a test for myself to push myself further. Those around me who were still there kept supporting and up until last week, I felt like my feet were finally settled and I could get creating yet again.

You may link this to mental health, but whatever the reason was, I felt now is the time to show off the work that I’ve given out to start up businesses and existing businesses.

I’ve only started to show my value in my work recently and the happiness I find is now within how I create pieces of work, whether it’s a simple logo design or a client needing something so bespoke, that an agency couldn’t even comprehend what they wanted.

Alongside this I’ve had a real hunger to read more, learn more and push myself further to understand what those want from their business.

Everyone has value, we all have a purpose and for this, alongside the team that surrounds me, we’re ready to show the world what we’re made off.

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