Triage Vets rebranding
Bringing a fresh new look to Mill Hill

Triage Vets approached me to freshen up the brand look and give it a new lease of life from its tiresome past. Hina, who owns Triage Vets, is the first female in her veterinarian field to have a business of her kind that serves the local community.

It’s friendly and approachable nature reflects on the brand, portrayed by the cat and dog interaction used on the logo.

Working with Triage Vets

The project took over 8 months to complete and required myself to create variations of the logo that would fit the future look.

Now in 2020, we recently launched the new website with an updated look that allowed users to easily explore Triage Vet’s services.

More about Triage Vets

Based in the beautiful village of Mill Hill, North London, we believe our independent, caring, and friendly service has established us as a core part of the local community.

We are committed to delivering reliable veterinary care and providing trusted and honest professional advice.

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