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Teachers, Parents and Students! Are the schools implementing this?

I’m yet to find an article that has advised teachers, parents and students what to do during uncertain times that we’re in currently. The Department for Education hasn’t even come out to say to those homebound here are some tips to make sure your youngsters aren’t constantly gaming. I feel its upon society to take some action as the tools have already been available.

Now some schools may have been set up for this already, but it seems like the vast majority haven’t had any direction. The tool I’m talking about is G Suite for education, developed by Google for schools and institutions. This wasn’t found by myself, but a friend of mine called ‘Natasha’ who highlighted it in a conversation.

I have done some research and honestly, this platform could allow education to be channelled to all those around the world, but we haven’t caught onto it. 

You can hold a class from the comfort of your home, even allowing video calling to connect with your students. Imagine parents relief that they can still allow education to be done whilst they are doing other routines at home.

I understand a number of kids don’t a device to access the platform, but what if we were able to come together and get a device for those individuals, not more than £50 that can access it. I mean some people may have a device just laying about they’ll never use that could also be donated.

Logistically it can be done, but with the government have to do their part in this. I mean what’s the point of having a secretary to Education if he hasn’t even voiced his concerns out.

I’m not a parent myself, but I am human and my head is trying to out how we can adapt to the change. I’ve even got a youngster who is opening a tuition business, called Ace Learning, in hopes to educate GCSE based students in maths.

Google has put together 45 ways to benefit from its platform, which can be viewed here.

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