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Working from home? Here are some useful tips for you.

The world has been brought to a near standstill and no one could have imagined the events that have surrounded us in recent weeks. I, myself have been affected by this, but am hoping that it can be a time for improvement whilst also helping businesses to keep going, and to continue marketing to future clients.

It is a guessing game for every business, but the hope remains that this will not be something that lasts  for months; rather it will be a few weeks. I have been working on a concept that might help others out there, under the name of Work from Home, which combines 3 elements that help improve areas of your business.

The link can be found at the bottom of this page, but in brief it simply allows you to have a landing page setup, along with a client relationship management system and use of video conferencing software. This I feel is ideal for many businesses including dance studio, tuitions, consultants etc. I am currently giving this away for a nominal fee, but I will set up a landing page and CRM with the aim of getting you online as soon as possible.

The link can be found here:

I’ve also put together a few tips and hints to potentially help raise awareness for work.


The most obvious tip is to get onto some social media channels and if you haven’t done so already, now is the time! I personally like FacebookInstagram, and Linkedin, though other useful channels include Pinterest and Twitter.

From here, once you’re set up, invite all those friends who you have on your contact list, as I’m sure they will be willing to share a few posts time and again.

Make sure you fill out all the details and if you have not yet set up certain areas such as an email address or landing page, message me directly and I can assist.


I work with my clients and do setup bespoke posts, but for those looking for affordability, you can use an online design tool and maybe grab a few stock images along the way.

Places like Pexel and Unsplash can be useful depending on the type of work you do. Get a bit clever and create something that will get you potential clients, awareness or even give them a few helpful tips.


More people might be logging onto your website and you don’t even know it! With all the websites I’ve created, I install Analytics as a must based on the fact they might want to market themselves later on. This is helpful as data is key when trying to understand where your business is coming from.


The previous two suggestions might be skipped out, but this one might get those creative juices working and give you a few ideas to put out there to clients.

Cancellations will be coming; but make sure you store those customer details and keep them updated with the business.

If you’re a restaurant and offer delivery on food, get a care package created for those who aren’t able to stockpile, even a simple dinner meal deal to feed four at a reasonable fee.

Hospitality will in no doubt have cancellations, but why not put a few offers that people can claim, maybe 10% off for future bookings. Maybe while the place is empty, get some photos taken and update your business pages. People will need to rebook eventually, so make sure they’re being prioritised in your business updates.

The gyms: well people will be sitting at home for a few weeks, so why not get yourself a Zoom or Google Hangout and get people logging in for group sessions or even record a few and place them on your website.

If you worked within a school or have your own tuition, kids will be off for weeks and I can only imagine parents wanting education to continue. I’d actually recommend 1-hour sessions not dedicated to an individual, but maybe a class of 5 or 10 that can interact with you. Whether you charge or not, that’s completely your choice, but it’s ideal as most kids will be stuck behind an iPad or gaming console.

My dad, who’s in the construction industry, has been impacted instantly due to work cancellation, but if he was reading this and looking for a tip from his son it would be this. Get that phone on a stand and go and record some simple DIY tips that people can use around the house. I mean if they’re off for a few weeks, they might find time to make home improvements.

I’ll be giving a few more ideas out on other posts as I feel I can help in these uncertain times, but please everyone, keep safe and let’s strive through this together.

Even if one person reads this and gains something, that is all that matters and anyone needing advice, please don’t hesitate to call me on 07958443200

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