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Adventure seeker. Creative lover. Voyeur of the world. Always thinking about food. This is my little slice of the internet where I share all of my fun, colourful creative designs and photography with you.

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The story behind Krazy Projects

Over the last 10 years, I’ve worked with many businesses to bring alive their ideas and raise awareness in various creative channels.

My skills

As a designer, I don’t just push pixels: I offer design strategy, vision, and forward-thinking.

As a digital product developer, I have experience with a variety of titles that have made great successes in industries. In my role as a remote design leader, I utilise an approach of mentoring, coaching, and leading by example with remote teams distributed across different time zones.

When it started

2004 | Entered Creative World
2006 | Learned Macromedia
2009 | Failed University
2011 | Entered Creative World
2012 | Entered Business World
2014 | First Brand Design
2023 | Still Creative

Passion for

Web Design
Graphic Design

What clients say

UI / UX Designs

The Power of
The Creativity

I offer 360° services to smoothly guide you on your way to creating a seamless digital masterpiece. Products and services have come far in the digital world through developments and my team is at hand to help understand ways to build awareness.

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+44 (0)79 5844 3200